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Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaning air ducts around the house is an important safety and wellbeing effort. Dust, lint and other flyaway particles collect in air conditioner ducts, dryer vents, kitchen exhaust fans and other openings, and can pose a fire hazard if not cleaned for longer periods of time.

We clean all air lines in your home. We remove stockpiled dust and allergens that may cause allergic reactions, disinfect duct units by using environmentally friendly cleaning agents, and refresh your entire home by clearing the air you inhale.

It is always important to remember to clean the lint tray in your dryer before each use. But even with proper care, bits of lint escape through the dryer and into the exhaust pipe fitted to the rear of the machine. With time, the collection of lint clogs the pipe, resulting in exhaust back up that brings choking air back into your home. When we clean your dryer vent, we disconnect the exhaust hose completely, and make sure to return it to like-new cleanliness and safety status.

Brick & Hard Surface Cleaning

Indoors or out, hard surfaces age and don't clean so easily. Bricks in particular can darken and discolor, and no household detergents or cleaning agents do a fully satisfactory job in returning them to the way they are supposed to look.

Enter Pure Clean. For all hard surface cleaning, we use heavy-duty Cold Jet ice blasting machines to do it once and do it right. We gently remove surface stains and years of ageing without creating a messy environment or scraping off any bits of the actual surface.

This works on brick, granite, marble, stone, concrete, stucco and asphalt. There is no water involved with the ice blaster, and virtually any hard surface can safely be returned to its original look and feel. After just a single pass, the difference is noticeable and improved. Although we sometimes choose to repeat the application the following day, most hard surfaces are fully reborn after the first appointment.

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