NYC Mold Removal and Restoration Service

Mold can be detrimental to home structures and harmful to the health of residents. Factors contributing to mold development are moist or humid conditions, repetitive flooding incidents, and seepage from in-the-wall water pipes.

Pure Clean specializes in the swift removal and absolute remediation of residential mold with little to no secondary damages. To ensure optimal results, we begin with a noninvasive visual mold inspection followed by a technologically advanced IAQ (indoor air quality) sampling test. These are usually the simplest methods to determine whether or not mold has reached worrisome levels.

If mold is indeed detected, we utilize highly accurate infrared moisture-sensing cameras to map the entire home inch by inch. The use of infrared cameras allows for a complete through-the-walls reading leaving no need to break in the walls or the ceiling. It also informs us of weaker spots in the structure so that we may approach the remediation process with necessary caution, so as not to disturb moldy walls that may result in the mold becoming airborne.

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