NYC Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Service

Even small household fires and general smoke often cause lasting damage to surfaces within the home. The most common damages include heavily blackened, charred walls and ceilings, and the stifling smell of burned building materials.

Immediately following a fire, restoration is on everyone's mind. The process of rebuilding is made easier by Pure Clean's expert damage cleanup process. Using top-of-the-line machinery like the Cold Jet dry ice blaster, we carefully restore surfaces to their original state without scratching, fracturing, or otherwise defacing fragile materials.

Using a dry ice blaster makes the process faster, cleaner and chemical-free. Leaving no messy residue behind, the ice blaster cleans more thoroughly than chemicals do and brings back the original luster to many surfaces. We clean every corner and every crevice, making for a reinvigorated living space with little to no signs of fire damage.

If you are looking for fire and smoke restoration services in NYC including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island please call us now at 718-831-6714 for a custom quote.

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