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For superior results in all our cleanup services, we rely on a perfectly cohesive unit of man and machine. Our cleanup squads are all equipped with the latest in residential cleaning machines. We use top-of-the-line infrared cameras, powerful suction and vacuum machines, precision cutting tools, high-performance water pumps, and industry-leading dry-ice blasting machines from Cold Jet.

Cold Jet's dry-ice blasting machines are designed for optimal cleaning capabilities with a unique ice particle breakup process upon hitting the surface. This allows highly pressurized ice pellets to be harsh on surface stains, yet remain cautious with the underlying materials that can often be fragile. Dry-ice blasting machines use no water, no chemicals and no brushes, and do not come in actual contact with the surfaces being cleaned. Propelled at high speeds, dry ice quickly and efficiently cleans, shines and refreshes, leaving a smooth surface that's often as good as new. To learn more about Pure Clean and about our creative uses of today's finest machinery, call us today at 718.436.5800 or email us at info@purecleanny.com. We have garnered a name in the industry for our outstanding service and incredible results. We hope to add you to our ever-growing list of satisfied customers.

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